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Poem for a nonsoldier where I can't see him”, published Autumn 2020 in Leland Quarterly.

Come back to my touch and the wind and the rain,

the pregnant clouds, to me.

Grounds for hope”, published in August 2018 in the Cordite Poetry Review.

I won’t mind a bit I’ll make every part the

teeth mouth ears nose and with uncompromising style.

Poem by my grandfather in a faint”, published November 2018 in K'in Literary Journal.

In a spell of dizziness, I think of your name,

your name as it is, La-ra, La-ra.

Night-song”, 805lit. Published in late summer 2019.

I see you sleeping in a dark room

as you would sleep alone,

unaware that you are yours, and I

am yours as well.

Juror”, published spring 2019 by the Thirty West Publishing House.

Will someone else say innocent?

I won’t say innocent,

I will go home to two kids. And the

man lifts a heavy eye to my eye,

the pupil, the whites full to the bone,

fuller than mine have ever been

in the years I have fed fishes.

Supplement”, published February 2019 in GASHER.

To suck uses two muscles in my

lips and unkissed neck. It passes this

unlicked space that should not

be saved for lilacs.

In the village in the weeds”, published February 2020 by Atlas and Alice.

there was no     delivery
it’s out of me now

O not enough silence”, published in di-verse-city 2018, the youth anthology of the Austin International Poetry Festival.

Most of my Insides

are now on the Outside for Strangers to Observe, in order of secrecy,

and the most private is farthest and easiest to notice.

Becoming my own”, “wintering here now”, “gillian anderson”, published fall 2018 by Persephone's Daughters.

your jutting chin, your maidensmile,

exorbitantly beautiful.

Ray”, published January 2018 in Typishly.


watching and trembling to see all the naked
years of their slow moving.

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