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Your beauty means nothing

Your beauty is worth nothing
without this love in me.
It will find its joy nowhere
but in this home inside me.

No song describes
the whole of you;
your trouble heals
my lover's wounds.
But none on earth

would hear your name,

if no poet sang of it.

None would write and none would read
and none would pull this knot apart;
the lamb and wolf would walk as one
were there one way to think of you.

Your lovely face would lie unseen,
my love for you would lie unknown
and no rose would know its worth
without the lover, or the beloved.

I take this cry from your mouth
I learn this is the taste of the world.
None would think of Veysel's name
if he had no love for you.

Güzelliğin On Par'etmez by Aşık Veysel

Translated August 19, 2020

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