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On the mountain

They left me like this on the mountain,
close to the clouds, the birds and winds,
far from your flesh, your fingernails,
far from the smell of your skin.

My beautiful girl, your eyes are those
of a young deer. You are my crown of flames.
I wish I were the bird and wind,
to bring you three, four oranges,
salted almonds, pumpkin seeds.

Nothing is possible for me now.
I am away, separate and deprived of everything.
I feel solitude and suffering.

No, my beauty, my beautiful thing,
my thing with your deer's eyes,
no, my heart, you fire of my brain:
one thing is good and possible:

I let my love burn me.

Dağ Başında by A. Kadir

Translated February 26, 2021

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