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It had been a long day I was returning to love

It was a long day I was returning to love

A long one, my gosling, long out of love


I said here, the first kiss and the blue slit

of your sex, your wet mouth

so early in the morning,

the old fern of your hips

and your stomach, here your tongue

which has brought to me my forests.

In this bed your waking, so nude

and so long, and breaking on the rocks

your old shadow, your old voice,

that brown bird in your mouth, the

river that is wild,

stay there, I urged, stay close as the first

hour of birth, there so I can kiss

you first, right there your first kiss,

for love the dark word, the one sound,

like this, my love, I said just like this


Çok Uzun Bir Gündü Aşka Dönüyordum by İlhan Berk

Translated March 22, 2020

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