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No tree has borne such wonderful fruit

Among us will be born the most
perfect of those who have been born
from the earth, the fire and the sea.
And people will lay their hands
to each other's hands,
not fearing,
not thinking, looking at the stars,
saying "How beautiful it is to live,"
singing a fresh, light, unheard song
cool as grapes to the touch,
deep as a human eye.
No tree will have made
such wonderful fruit

And not even the most promising
night of the summer
will have met the next day
with such sounds, such colors.
Among us will be born
the most perfect that will be born
from the sea, the earth, or from fire.

Hiçbir Ağaç Böyle Harikulade Bir Yemiş Vermemiştir by Nazım Hikmet

Translated September 6, 2020

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